Tommy Quayle is a singer, songwriter, and bandleader out of Ventura, California.  Tommy plays all kinds of shows all over Southern California and occasionally makes his way to places like Austin, Texas and his home state of Massachusetts.  From solo acoustic work to seven-piece rock band, Tommy brings his high-energy rock-folk-blues-country-punk mix and commanding stage presence.  He’s been at it for almost 40 years playing tons of shows and releasing over 50 original songs on 6 releases.  He has shared the stage with many music luminaries for thousands of people and still loves playing tiny coffee houses. 

Since writing his first song in the fourth grade Tommy has always heard the siren call of music.  He truly loves music.  Not just his.  All of it.  He likes digging into a Stones rocker or a Neil Young ballad just as much as playing one of his own tunes.   After years of teeter-tottering between various musical incarnations, drunk, drug-induced debauchery and real-life (no!), Tommy finally got busy in the late-eighties and has never looked back.  Writing, co-writing, producing dozens of songs starting with the 1996 cassette “First Time Out” all the way to 2014’s “Cigarette” all the while gigging as much as possible in anything from cover bands to solo acoustic work.    And so it continues today. 

Look for new releases sometime soon.  Come catch a show. Drop me a line.